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My aim is to help all women dress with style, allowing them to perform with confidence and achieve their goals.

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The Conversation Piece

Dressing for success is environment specific. Consider this…

Alannah HIll dress

Alannah HIll dress

Many of us find ourselves at networking events not knowing the best way to break the ice. It’s very common. The solution? Let your look do it!
Before we speak to other women the first thing we notice is their appearance. It’s just how we are. Don’t fight it – use it! Wearing something that creates interest and invites comment is a wonderfully easy way to melt barriers so the conversation can develop naturally in more purposeful directions. So, buying one or two items per season that are rare or quirky might just be a good career investment. Okay, I know you need to be dressed like the job you want or the clients you want. However, this doesn’t mean blending in to the point of invisibility. In networking circles, don’t just be the next woman in classic lines.
What you need is a conversation piece to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. These are wonderful ice-breakers allowing other people to come up to you and exclaim, “Where did you get that amazing jacket!” or, “That necklace is to die for!” or, “That skirt in that colour looks so striking on you!”
To purchase a couple of these key items you need to think about fashion. For instance, floral patterns are in and many of the prints are beautiful right now. If you buy something that suits you and makes you look elegant (like the pictured pencil skirt) then it is an easy piece to adapt into your wardrobe and it will help you stand out from the crowd.

Alannah Hill skirt

Alannah Hill skirt

This design and colour could be worn by anyone and matched back to black or neutrals depending on your colouring. It has a front split with a zip that you can adjust wearing it closed or open depending on the look you want to achieve. Perfect for all shapes except a martini.









2015-02-19 14.29.06

Alannah Hill Jacket


Or consider this jacket – it’s perfect for an Hourglass or Flute shape. It has a shape that emphasises your waist with the interest-inspiring lapels you want. Keeping it buttoned up may be beneficial and it would look great mixed back with a pencil skirt for an Hourglass or a full-skirt for Flutes.







Remember, getting the job or client you want is often about being noticed. So, let your look attract the attention that will allow you to work the room.
Oh, and enjoy the extra attention you’ll receive!


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