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The latest trend is to have a semi-sheer element to your clothing. When considering corporate styling, this can be done with feminine style or it can go the other way and look tarty.

Here’s how some of the celebrities have been styled… 

Diane Kruger has done semi-sheer with block stripes.  Whilst on Khloe Grace Moretz it is done like an overlay.


Diane Kruger


Chloe Grace Moretz













This semi-sheer shirt from Forever New looks stylish and achieves a hint of femininity with the sheer panel.  Of course, you will need to have a white bra underneath!  It’s great for those with narrow shoulders and Magnums or Shakers too to add breadth.  It also looks fabulous on an hourglass figure when it’s tucked in.

Forever new semi sheer shirt

Forever new Semi sheer shirt

forever new sheer yoke top

Forever New Semi sheer top













This Tee top is another great version that’s suitable for those with a large bust who worry about shirts gaping at the buttons. Track is down at Forever New.

Mink Pink Top

Mink Pink Top

Here is a Mink Pink laser cut top which gives the illusion of sheerness but really isn’t.  It’s the perfect top for those trying to hide their waist (Shakers, that’s you.)

Witchery sheer pleated skirt

Witchery sheer pleated skirt

 Here is Witchery’s sheer pleated skirt.  The underlay is a fairly decent length so modesty is covered! This could be a great maxi look for a petite person and would look great on Martinis to help add bulk to your hips.

Dorothy Perkin's Laser Cut dress

Dorothy Perkin’s Laser Cut dress

Here’s a fantastic laser cut dress available online from Dorothy Perkins.  The colour is perfect for all those blondies out there and the lining is reasonably long.  Overall, it is the corporate stylist’s pick for those business women with an Hourglass, Flute or Martini figure.

Witchery Sheer straight skirt

Witchery Sheer straight skirt

Witchery Long maxi skirt

Witchery Long maxi skirt












Both these skirts show the sheer look, in fact are great knock off’s from the cat walk shows,but for the  business are probably too short.  Save them for the nightclub.  Remember, you have to sit down sometimes and you don’t want to be worried that your knickers are showing. 

Here’s the bottom line – sheer can be subtly stylish or overtly exposing.  You pick the look you’re after!



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