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Browsing the new season’s fashion recently, I found myself fossicking in the regular shops for something more interesting than the usual black and white stripes the fashion gurus put out when they have run out of ideas.  Really, fashion shops opening spring with black and white and navy and white – can it get more boring???  Are we all to be in sailor suits this season???  It’s spring – the season for colourful floral prints!  It’s not that hard.  Anyway, can you believe it? All I could find was an endless sea of crop tops.  Well that’s not going to happen!  My middle-age muffin line has put a stop to that.  Sometimes I just wish the people in charge of the women’s fashion world would MAN -UP and offer a real selection!


…I came across Forever New.  HOORAY no B+W or nautical statement to be found!  They have the most beautiful selection of floral prints around.  So then I looked to see if there were colours for different skin tones.  Remember, if you look at my colour page it shows blue bloods having fair skin are best suited to cool colours whilst those with green veins look great in warm colours. (Not sure?  Then follow this link,au/colour/) Anyway, it was a hallelujah moment!  There are red and purple based prints and all in really wearable shapes!  Thank-you Forever New!


Cool coloured top and was available as a dress. Suits most cool coloured babes

Cool coloured top and was available as a dress. Suits most cool coloured babes


2014-09-02 13.58.38

Warm coloured dress . As the print has both strong colours and cream this print would work well on most warm coloured peopl


Warm coloured floral top

Warm coloured floral top


Both tops and dresses were available in these beautiful designs.

Thanks Forever New!

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