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My aim is to help all women dress with style, allowing them to perform with confidence and achieve their goals.

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Presentation does it matter?

This is for all you business women. If you’re happy where you are and have no ambition, that’s fine.  Dress as you have been dressing, do what you’ve always done and stay where you are and have a good life!  Seriously!  There’s nothing wrong with that approach. 

But if you want to get somewhere at work then address the whole package that is you.  If you’ve been overlooked for promotion or advancement for too long and you’re confident it’s not because of your abilities then it might just be, dare I say it, your appearance. 

Sure, it’s cruel!

Of course, it’s horrible!

Undeniably, it’s shallow!

And while you’re whinging – it’s life.  So face facts and deal with it!

To be clear, I’m not talking about beauty.  You want beauty, enrol in the Ponds Institute!  No… I’m talking about your clothes.  Rightly or wrongly, people are judging you every day.  They judge your hair, your makeup, your car, the suburb you live in, what your husband does for a living, if your kids go to a private school.  So, shock/horror!  Guess what?  They also judge the clothes you wear.  Should they?  Shouldn’t they?  Who cares?  They do. 

So… use their weakness to your advantage.

Okay, what’s your next excuse?  “My-bum’s-too-big-so-I-can’t-dress-well,” Or, “My-boobs-are-too-saggy-so-that-dress-will-look-terrible-on-me.”  Ladies, there are simple ways around these problems that take into account your shape and size.  No miracles are worked, but I can teach you to work with what you have and maximize your assets so you can begin to enhance your presentation .

Do you remember a time, probably before kids, when everything about you was taught and desirable?  Hmm… yeah, I’m struggling too.  But there must have been a time, right?  Anyway, remember how confident you felt?  Here’s the take home message – being well-presented makes you feel confident.  When you feel confident, you carry an air of success that commands respect.

Two presnts one plain one patterned

Which present do you want to open?

Be the present people want to open and dress for the role you want – not the one you’ve got!

Cheers, Lisa

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