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Hi Corporate Chics,

                                         You may have noticed that the latest fashion is all focussed around the midriff – the bit if skin between the waist and your bust. Fashion is like that – it tends to want some “skin in the game.” Sometimes it’s legs with high-rise mini-skirts or belly buttons with low rise jeans. None of these looks are chic unless you are a size 8 and Elle-esque. Regardless, none of them are corporate.

                                       The good thing about the midriff is it’s thinner on most people than their belly. However, remember this – when you sit down most people get some rolls. Sausage rolls.

So there’s the problem. Now, how do you solve it?

Consider if the dress code in your office is liberal. After all, part of being in business is that you have to deal with other business people and they will judge you on your appearance as you do them. So given this is a key fashion trend and you want to look up to date then how do you adapt it?

Sportsgirl sunray pleat skirt and cross over top

Sportsgirl sunray pleat skirt and cross over top

2014-09-02 14.06.33

Sportsgirl Front window. Pleated skirt with floral tee.


               Okay, let’s avoid the first outfit – not sure who could or would wear this. The new sunray pleat skirt is really good for people with a martini shape, broad shoulders and small hips (for more info on dressing for your shape see To make it wearable for the office, team it with a floral top or a jumper. Ensure that the top is shorter than usual or you will add too much bulk and look like Michelin woman.

2014-09-02 13.49.54

Forever New Layered Lace Dress


Another way to get the look is to layer a crop top over a dress. Or, in the case of this dress it is designed that way. It is probably too short for the office… you know, when you sit down and suddenly feel like your undies are exposed. However, would be perfect for someone petite.

Portman’s Etched Floral Midi Dress

This is a more modest version of the midriff look, but, remember those sausage rolls? Well, a simple way around it is a skin coloured singlet that will keep any rolls tightly wrapped in puff pastry. Consequently, you get the look but keep it modest.

If you want more ideas about dressing for your shape see my website


Lisa xx

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