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Hi Corporate Chic’s,

In this day and age of mass production most garments are made to appeal to the majority.  Effectively, this means very little is added to them that someone might not like.  As a result, some are more like uniforms. 


Also, we all have clothes that we love dearly.  These clothes we have an emotional connection to are hard to part with even though they may be looking tired.   They can become like besties! 

So why not restore the old ones and individualise the uniforms?   Get creative and rejuvenate them and wear them with pride.

In one of my jobs, sourcing product for Spotlight, I was exposed to the vast and wonderful world of buttons.  CC’s I’m here to tell you – there are zillions of buttons available to enhance any tired old garment you have or to boost one of those current off the rack ones that lacks a little personality.

Taking new buttons is a simple way to individualise, update into fashion or just restore a garment you currently have.  Specifically, why not target your jackets, cardigans and vests?

Black and white and floral trends are part of this season.  Have a look at these buttons to give some of your outfits a lift.  These are the little details that help make you look chic.

Beautiful Black and White buttons  some with floral designs  very appropriate for this season (Summer 14)  available at Spotlight or Lincraft

These beautiful buttons are hand carved from old bakolite and I have yet to find the outfit they need to go one.  Maybe this season I will…

 My hand carved floral buttons

You can see the plain button put onto this cardigan.  How much more interesting would it look with one of these other buttons?

My favourite cream cardi with a selection of new buttons.

This cardigan is obviously well-loved.  It was really cheap and I added the unusual buttons and did a simple embroidery stitch.  It took me all of 1 hour to do this and what was a $30 garment now looks like a $150 one.

My super cheap cardigan updated with embroidery and fancy buttons.


Updating and playing with existing favourites is great fun!  You already know you look good in these garments and they make you feel good too.  That’s two problems solved.  So renovate or restore don’t replace until it’s necessary.


Lisa xxx

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