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Sale-ShoppingOnly a couple more sleeps till Christmas…

Even better… I’m thinking only a couple more sleeps till SALE TIME.

It’s my favourite time of the year and it kicks off on Boxing Day. Thank you to all those retailers who happily mark down and clear all their summer clothing whilst we still have 3 good months of warm weather to wear them!

So, start by reviewing your wardrobe and think about what you might need for the next few months. Is it sandals, essential pants or skirts?  Go out with a list otherwise you’ll find you gravitate to, well in my case, printed tops.  Now, think what brands are most likely to supply the things you’re looking for.

There are 2 approaches I would recommend when planning your bargain hunting.

Firstly, if you have a favourite brand, for instance Cue, take a look at the clothing range and check out if they have products you want. If so, then think about where the stores are located (you’ll find Cue in most major shopping malls.) Now consider who would be the core customer; for Cue perhaps mid-income, living in better suburbs. So, find the store that is in a big mall in a less affluent suburb.  Generally, that store will be in stock of all sizes and colours and all at great prices.

A while ago, one of my favourites was Mango.  They often used to bring out European clothes in the wrong season. The city store and Chadstone were well shopped but if I went to Highpoint, well, it was bargain city!

Secondly, this is a great opportunity to get great quality clothing at bargain prices by shopping for the brands that you aspire to but cannot ordinarily afford. Department stores offer a great range of brands to select from under one roof. However, beware of the tables of special purchases as these are often engineered products at a lesser quality.  Sneakily, they are bought in just to be discounted for the sale. The other place to visit is shopping malls or strip centres full of specialty stores.  Usually, they have brands at 30-50% reduction straight after Christmas.

Remember, clothing purchases should be emotive.  If you want to feel good you need to love what you are buying and know that it makes you look good. There is a trap that many of us get sucked into – buying the bargain for bargain’s sake.  You know, I’ve just got to have this Dolce Gabbana top for $50 because it’s DG and it’s $50. But on you it looks… uh!?!?  If it doesn’t look good on you then don’t buy it and avoid the regret later.

Happy hunting and Enjoy


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