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My aim is to help all women dress with style, allowing them to perform with confidence and achieve their goals.

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About Me

Lisa Sweeney is the founder and director of Corporate Chic.  With over 25 years’ experience in clothing retail, she has refined a keen eye for how business women’s clothing affects their ability to flourish in the corporate environment.  Her knowledge of the successful business woman’s wardrobe for any shape and size and her dedication to providing exceptional service contributes enormously to her clients’ empowerment.

Lisa Sweeney

“Women’s business clothing is about two simple things – confidence and comfort.  The style must give you confidence, the fit must give you comfort.  I’ve been going to high-end business meetings for three decades.  In that time, I’ve watched hundreds and hundreds of women who have exceptional business acumen, struggle to get their message across because their wardrobe choices have robbed them of their confidence.  Some have even feared sitting in case they sever a seam!  How can any woman succeed if she is afraid that button will pop?”

Whilst in her buying and product development roles, Lisa has worked with thousands of clothing ranges to assist millions of women of all shapes and sizes.  Now, through Corporate Chic, she is personalizing this service so women can enjoy a one to one or one to group shopping experience where they can learn some of Lisa’s valuable tricks.

“Here’s a tip – dress to your shape.  Don’t pretend you’ve got the body of a supermodel who only eats carrots and celery if you haven’t!  If you’ve got a few kilos too many (don’t we all?) pretending they’re not there will be your undoing – well, your zippers’ anyway.  All you have to do is select clothing that covers your weakness for chocolate, has you looking professional and feeling confident to do your job.”

Corporate Chic’s services include personalised colour and style advice, shopping expeditions to learn the tricks of the trade and wardrobe makeovers.  She offers convenience, quick and personalised responses and a sense of fun and style that make the experience a pleasure.  Her willingness to undertake after-hours appointments are a real winner as they save her clients’ time and stress and make their busy lives easier.



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